About (You nosey little shit. I like you)

“Who the fuck are you?” Is probably what you’re asking yourself right now. I’m a hilarious, semi drunk, barely 5 foot, event planner. I’m obsessed with food, wine, film, and my nephew and niece. Like I’m seriously obsessed with cooking and food. I basically buy cookbooks like most women buy shoes. I can never own enough.  I will SWOON like an idiot fangirl over chefs (both male and female cause fuck yea females in the kitchen!)
Actually not so socially awkward. I’m like a fucking unicorn who sparkles….unless you’re handsome. Then I somehow turn into a complete idiot. Here’s the thing, dating is hard (not like that you dirty minded ho. Haha….I knew liked you) cooking is easy. I’d rather make a soufflé then try and figure out if a guy likes me.
I started this blog because I wanted too (duh). My grammar’s not always perfect, I cuss, and I’m probably drunk while I’m writing this. I barely can figure it out and this site has more functions than my vibrator. Which is saying a lot.
This is my version of the reality that is the fiction my life. Confused? Don’t worry so am I. Here, have a glass of wine.

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